Sunday, April 6, 2008

Living with Less

I was telling Jeff that I actually enjoyed living in our house before we had all our furniture and other things moved over. (We left most things in our old house for 3 months while it was selling, because "a furnished house sells better...") With more stuff, comes more stress. More stuff to clean. More clutter to look at. You get the point. It was so peaceful and simple to come home to just the basics. It's hard to explain, but looking back those were some fun days.

So, with that said, I find it interesting that people continue to keep up with the Jones'. It's just asking to complicate your life. And for what? Surely, not for your own pleasure, but keep up with this "I'm better than you" syndrome. After a few encounters this week, I was left thinking "So what?" And as Jeff says, "Anyone can easily play that game, but we choose not too." What a lightbulb moment (duh!)

I just finished reading Living With Less. It's content is obvious, yet inspiring. Sometimes we just need a reminder that life isn't about material possessions.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa,

You are such an inspiration. I still struggle with that but I am coming to realize that "stuff" doesn't matter as much as just "living" does and that keeping up with everyone only makes you continually feel bad about yourself. Keep up the good work! :)

Lisa said...
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