Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lisa, The Dog Detective

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love animals. So much so, that sometimes I get involved in situations that some people (Jeff) won't be too happy about. For example, the time I fostered a 100 lb. sobery Lab for 6 months. Ha ha! So today, as I'm driving to my mom's house, I see this cute little white dog getting ready to cross the road. I thought to myself she really didn't belong at this intersection. So I pulled over to check her collar. No tags. Well, at this point, she's jumped into my car and is in the back seat with Liddy. My heart dropped and I thought something bad was going to happen. Nope. This super cute rat terrier just jumped on Liddy's lap and wanted part of her hamburger. At least Liddy thought it was funny. So now, this is officially my problem. I can't just let her back on the street. What if I came back later and saw her hit on the side of the road? This happened once about 7 years ago, and I will never forget how guilty I felt.

So, I drive around the closest neighborhood asking people if they know who's dog it is. No one knows. Then again it's the middle of the day and everyone is at work. So, on to my mom's house we go. We agree that she is someone's beloved pet because she's very well fed, makes herself right at home on my lap and the couch and gives tons of kisses. I wouldn't mind if I had to keep her for a few days...although again Jeff would probably not be so happy at my decision. So, I spent the next few hours bonding with this little dog. We stopped by the local vet, but found no microchip. Ugh! She was cute at first, but time was ticking before it was getting dark. I can imagine that if it happened to me, I would spend a sleepless night if my dog was missing. I told you I am a huge pet person. They are like my kids! So, I assume everyone else feels the same....although not always true. So, finally on my way home I made one more attempt to circle the neighborhood. Luckily the first guy I asked recognized it as his neighbors. Yay!! We drove down for a reunion. They were happy to see that "Daisy" was back home. The man went on and on about how good she was, and was so grateful that she was okay. It was such a good feeling. So, yes, I spent my whole afternoon being a dog detective. This is what my life has boiled down too. :)

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