Thursday, May 1, 2008

My new handbook of life

Love, love, love this site I come upon:

I am tempted to quote everything because I feel so strongly about some of the blogs. But, I'll let you read at your leisure.


Okay, editted because I couldn't resist:
From a sermon today, "No where in the Bible does it say to be successful, but only to be faithful".

And then tying into this article,

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and all they contain. Then He planted a garden. Then He put man and woman into the garden and gave them a simple command: Take care of it. Multiply, be fruitful, have dominion, care for and cultivate this space. How much time passed before that man and woman failed to respect the one boundary He set? We tithe our churches faithfully, making contributions so we can build huge, ornate buildings for “church meetings.” Then we use chemicals which poison our homes and waters; we create an amount of waste so great it cannot be consumed quickly enough by the natural processes of entropy and decay. What good are our beautiful church buildings when we have ravaged and destroyed the earth on which they stand?

What will the great Artist say of our treatment of this, His work? What will we say when He asks us? Was it really more important to eat fast food, watch tv, buy cheap toys, look like our neighbors, have a bigger car, have more stuff than to take care of what He made? It wasn’t worth it? It wasn’t good enough to cherish? What will we say?

We need to change. We have spent our time accumulating instead of appreciating. We have failed to trust God to provide for us, and in fear have used any means needed to hoard treasures. We have served ourselves instead of our God. We have isolated ourselves instead of finding common ground with others.

It is time for us to put down our weapons and pick up a spade. Plant a garden. Recycle a mound of trash. Get outside and appreciate the artistry of what God has made. Appreciate the fact that it was made for us. Understand that it doesn’t matter if others are misguided, misinformed, wrongly motivated. What matters is that you can only show love to your God by obeying His commands. "

Wow! Really puts great perspective on it, doesn't it?

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Annie said...

Thanks for the mention! This subject - environment, Christianity, etc - has been something I needed to clarify for myself. Now to make some more, real changes in how I do things so words can be action.

By the way, I totally understand your post about Babies and More Babies ... wanting more,but not! I have an almost 2 yr old girl and a 6 month old boy. I am Amen-ing everything you said... Yes another one NOOO not another one... Yes... Um... It's still up in the air for us!

-Annie @ SisterWisdom