Friday, September 26, 2008


Grandma's Taking Me To the Toy Store!

Recently grandma & grandpa were here visiting. Grandma told Liddy that maybe they would go to the toy store. Of course, this is big news to Liddy. However, her follow-up comment caught me off guard...."Grandma, can we go to the real toy store not the dollar section?" This kid knows what she wants! And for what its worth, she's never complained before.


Jesus Is In My Heart

A few nights ago we settled down for some night time books. Liddy was distracted and decided she wanted to ask some questions.

L: Mom, is Jesus in my heart?
Me: Yes
L: Is he in your heart and how everyone else's heart too?
Me: Yes
L: How can he do that?
Me: He's Jesus. He can lots of magic things like that.

Then she pulls out all her stuffed animals and pointed to their hearts. It was so random, yet so cute!

(Do you remember when you were little and you thought Jesus was actually inside of you? I remember thinking of a little tiny Jesus sitting inside of me. Maybe this is what she's confused about? Ha!)

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