Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Big Backyard

Jeff found a lot of surprises while mowing today.

First, a goose egg! We think it was left over from last weekend when a nest was ransacked by a raccoon (or some other animal). I'd never seen one up close before and I was surprised how big it was! I'm pretty sure its not viable anymore, although Jeff swears he felt movement inside...

Then, this little guy decided to start dancing in front of the mower. Jeff stopped and scooped him up. Then he continued to twirl in the bucket. We don't think he's the smartest chipmunk, but quite quirky!

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Jill Piteo said...

Lisa - you have no idea how much Abby wants to watch this video! She loves it (and so do I!) She loves watching videos of her cousins. Thanks for posting!