Sunday, August 8, 2010

Geocaching at Mounds State Park

We decided to geocache at Mounds State Park this weekend. We didn't have time to find all caches in the park, but we had fun trying! We are now up to 71 caches, including our first EarthCache, aka the Great Mound.

First cache of the day, and we noticed we were being followed.
This guy followed us down the trail. I tried feeding him,
but he was more interested in watching us. Cute little guy!
Navigating the dugout canoe at Mounds
Saw something we never would have imagined in an Indiana forest,
a blue tailed lizard, aka Five Lined Skink. Apparently they are more common
in Southern Indiana, but can be occasionally seen in our area too!


Nicole said...

I think we're going to try geocaching! Your adventures have interested me! Any tips?

Lisa said...

If you don't have a handheld GPS, check your cell phone to see if you can download the geocaching app or if it has a GPS/compass in it. We've recently discovered this with ours and it's made geocaching much easier :)