Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Quilt Tradition

Grandma has a special tradition to make a quilt for each new baby. Now that baby is almost here, I wanted to show off his new quilt - and of course, the others too! These are so special and I hope the kids (opps, almost said girls!) will treasure them forever.

Alydia's Quilt

Close-up of the little Dutch people

Heidi's Quilt

(this one has a lot of wear because it was so soft!)

Time for some blue!

Someday I hope I can learn some quilting skills too. For the time being, I've been saving all my favorite kids' clothes and hope to someday make a heritage patchwork quilt. Just Googling it makes me excited! But I've got a long time to go until I have the time, patience and special saved outfits.

Here's some food for thought - 

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