Friday, January 7, 2011

Gracie Gummy Bear

Gracie Gummy Bear, formerly named Tracey, is our foster cat. She had all, yes ALL, her teeth extracted due to stomatitis. Jeff thought it would be funny to call her Gummy Bear because of this. I agreed to take her back in October thinking it was just another foster cat. She went through a lot of vet visits, injections and questionable improvement. Notice I said a lot of vet visits. Imagine me, cat carrier in one arm and baby carrier in the other trekking my into the vet! I have to admit that was not fun. I was almost ready to throw in the towel and take her back to the shelter. However, she wasn't getting better and I was concerned that I was her last chance. 

During her stay at the Norris Inn, we kept her in our basement. Don't worry it's finished with lots of plush, animal-hair-covered seating opportunities. I figured she'd quietly adjust to her accommodations like most cats. After a month or so, she decided she was done with the basement. Do you blame her? She wanted to be part of the family. All this excit

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