Monday, July 11, 2011

Geocaching in Bear Territory

During our vacation, we decided we should get a geocache in every state we passed through. If you understand geocaching, it's a big deal to get state badges on our profile.

While crossing through Virginia, I directed Jeff to exit for a supposedly quick "park & grab" cache in the Jefferson National Forest.  As we are driving through this thick forest, Jeff claims he saw a bear. He throws the car into reverse until we reach a clearing. Luckily, Jeff's vision of a bear was a mere flock of these....

About 1/2 a mile later, we find a small gravel spot with a little trail leading off it. The GPS says the geocache is about 250' from the spot. Ryan is sleeping so Jeff tells me to jump out and get it. About 50' up the trail, I realize I can't see the car. My heart is still a bit jumpy from Jeff reminding me that bears live around here. Then at that moment, with my senses on full alert, I hear a stick break in the woods. Full panic sets in and I'm frozen with fear. I hustle back to the car. After telling Jeff my story and requesting backup, he refused to get out of the car. I think he said something along the lines of, "I'm not risking my life for a geocache!" So, needless to say, we came so close, but decided to pass on geocaching in bear infested woods!

* After Googling the bear situation, it is extremely rare that black bears attack unless provoked. However, I'm not one to test this evidence!

** And, in case you were wondering, we conquered 6 states of the 8 we passed through. 

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