Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am the Warrior Princess, hear me roar!

This past weekend I competed in my first organized race - the Warrior Dash! It's basically a 5k with crazy obstacles throughout the course. Running with me this year were my friends Heather & Chrissy. I half attempted a warrior camo costume with a mere pink camo hat and wristband. However,  after seeing the costume possibilities, we'll be amping up our attire for next year. And yes, there will be a next year! 

Although I (kind of) trained for the running portion, I neglected to think of the steep trails that were involved. The only bonus to the terrain was using ropes to climb and scale down the embankments. Running on pavement is a piece of cake compared to those hills! Despite the rough terrain, it was a fun challenge!  We had a total of eleven obstacles. Here's a few of my favorites...

Afterwards, we cleaned off in the lake like hillbillies, drank beer and ate turkey legs! 


Unknown said...

Great Job! Looks like fun! Maybe...just maybe I'll have to join you next year :)

tagnrocky said...

Next up, Survivor!