Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More adventures in geocaching

Today had an unseasonably warm 68º on Leap Day!
 I took the kids out for some geocaching adventures...

Notice the rocks on the headstones at this local Hebrew cemetery?
Jews have the custom of placing rocks (as opposed to flowers) on a grave that they've come to visit. This stems from the modern-day Jewish custom of not having flowers at a funeral. It is Jewish custom to have simple funerals, and flowers are considered expensive, excessive, and they only last a few days. Cool fact!
(Oh and there were a couple geocaches here too!)

Couldn't find this geocache until I stepped back
and realized that a brick wall around a dumpster
did not need an electrical outlet. 

And I was right!
This little guy was just a magnetized treasure chest
with a faux pipe.

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