Friday, August 24, 2012

"Cast Away" Day

We got up early for this big day! Last picture with the cast!
The special removal tool....
Turns out this pediatric cast removal is similar to a can opener
and didn't work! This photo is before he pulled out the saw...

Let me tell you, that saw was scary. She was brave, but occasionally tried to pull away.
Who wouldn't be with him sawing around both sides of your elbow?
After a grueling 10 minutes, it was done and off!
The doctor said she was one the bravest little girls he's seen!
We took a picture to remember, but opted not to keep it.
Apparently we are the minority, but she didn't want it.
Do you blame her?
Still feeling weird and not wanting to straighten it yet.
We are going to wear a temporary splint for a few weeks.

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