Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crazy, Hectic, Road Trip Saturday....
(Just the way I like it!)

We headed up to Notre Dame to "cache" in on 6 counties for our geocaching challenge.  I think we are close to 70 out of 92 for Indiana. We planned a big day with lots of fun stops along the way!

We stopped at the Nappannee Apple Festival for lunch.
Apparently the festival is a big deal....
They have a mascot, Adam Apple!
Stopping for a geocache in Wabash, we found some beautiful falls!
Did I mention it was this handsome man's 2nd birthday?
In celebration, we were stopped for a train with....130 cars!
That made his day!
Our final Northern stop was in Notre Dame
where we visited Jeff's great, great, great Uncle's grave.
Stopped at park to stretch our legs (and geocache, of course!)
At this point, a snack was in order!
We treated them with a huge Notre Dame cookie
(excuse the upside down picture...
it was race to photograph before it vanished!)
Heading home after a big day!

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