Friday, July 25, 2014

My Other Car is a Camper

A couple of evenings camping in the backyard last year has turned into our a new hobby of cruising Indiana in our new camper trailer! Having grown up camping, this is exciting to me. Jeff, on the other hand, is learning the ropes....
Just kidding! He's a pro at backing up the trailer and setting up camp! Everyone seems to be enjoying our new hobby.

In fact, our newest puppy (a term a use loosely since he's 70 lbs. at 8 months...) thinks this is a normal way of life. He loves our trips!

We've enjoyed several trips already this summer with 6, yes SIX, more planned into the fall. 
That's a lot of s'mores and family time. 

And one more picture....

Alydia wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday with a camping theme, so momma make this fun cake!

Happy Trails!

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