Friday, August 8, 2014

First Week in America

In the last week, we've learned a lot about the difference between the American & Dutch culture. We've also had some great laughs! Here are some interesting things we'e learned from our exchange student...

1. There are lots of jokes about Germans, which keeps us laughing. For example, Dutch never wear bicycle helmets. Germans are required by law to wear them. So on an evening bike ride we pulled out the helmets and she joked that we looked like Germans. Ha!

2.  They ride bikes to school.  Britt rides 15k (9 miles) every day to school, and then back, even in winter. Riding the school bus is a new experience for her. She also wondered how much it cost. Free! :)

3. If she says we have a big garden, it means big yard.

4. Foods that see has never eaten, but is learning about -
Corn on the cob is a new experience for her and quite odd if you think about it. Other new foods are potato flakes in box, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, pancakes (theirs are very thin like crepes, so our fluffy pancakes are different....and a hit!) and the list is growing.

5. Although she also lives on a lake back home, she never goes fishing. But when she has seen fish in her lake, they are small and different. Imagine her surprise when we pulled this giant catfish up!

Who wants to go swimming in the lake now?

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