Sunday, August 17, 2014

Triathlon Saturday

Yesterday Jeff & I competed in our 4th triathlon. This specific race was special because it was the first "multi-sport" event I started with last year. The organizers are on top of their game, super organized and put on the best events. I also appreciate the variety of events that we could choose from. Last year I competed in the aquathon which was 400m swim/5k run. This year, I chose to try aquabike (400m swim/19k bike) while Jeff competed in the sprint triathlon (400m run/19k bike/5k run).

Setting up transition area and pre-race fueling
Lining up at the swim start....
no one can look cool in a swim cap!
400 meter swim has started!
Everyone is paced 5 seconds apart and we "snake" up and down the lanes.

Race photographers captured Jeff on his race portion.
Go Jeff!
Relieved to reach the finish!
Surprised by a 1st place finish in women's aquabike!

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