Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We are going through our alphabet crackers, and we come the letter L:

Me: What starts with L?
Liddy: Me
Me: Yes, and who else? What's my name?
Liddy: Mommy
Me: No, my other name
Liddy: Mommy Norris

We've kind of been talking about dog breeds. We told Liddy her toy dog was a Dalmatian. In her words it's a "Dal-Mace-man". So, today I thought I'd see if she knew any other dog breeds....

Me: What kind of dog is Willow?
Liddy: Annoying
As they are stepping up patrols on a road near our house, we are being more cautious...

Me: Tell me if you see any police cars
Liddy: I don't see any
Me: Oh, that's good
Liddy: Maybe they are at Starbucks
Liddy: Mom, can you get me a spoon?
Me: Sure
Liddy: Mom, everybody needs to help everybody

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Jill Piteo said...

Hilarious! I especially like the on about the police and Starbucks! How smart is she!