Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spring gardening

I am so excited for spring to arrive. Last year we were in the process of moving and I was pregnant, so we did very little as far as outdoor work. This year I'd like to have some more color outside. I plan on growing a select few things from seed. I am patiently (or not so much) waiting until about mid-March to get started. Everything else will arrive in May. I ordered from 3 different companies to compare. I figure if I spread it out, I can't get let down by all of them. Here's a sample:

Garden 1 - Green Theme: Lime Green Zinnias, Chocolate Mint Coleus, Lime Green Zinnias, Trifolium 'Dark Dancer'

Garden 2 - Daisy Theme: Tithonia Sundance, Daisies (3 varieties), Pyrethrum 'James Kelway, Gailardia

...still working on my shade gardens. There isn't much choice or color, but I'm hoping I find some inspiration. :)

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