Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What happened to my baby?

Ever notice how right around their birthday, kids start to really change? I remember this about Liddy's 3rd birthday. And now, with her 4th birthday approaching I'm seeing again. Literally overnight, she's got all these new talents. Let's see....like dressing herself. Taking showers (and actually liking it). Riding her trike faster than a speeding bullet. Having an amazing memory. Getting everything herself, including climbing in the pantry & fridge (I'm considering a fridge lock, maybe?) Maybe I've been blind to her building up to these feats. Or maybe having a baby makes me see Liddy in a new light? Regardless, I can't believe how much a "kid" she is.

And while I'm on the topic of Liddy. She is no prissy girl. Last night this girl had a hand full of earthworms while geeing with excitement. Just this week we've have some temporary pets - a toad couple and a big furry caterpillar. Dirt, bugs, sticks....she loves it all.

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