Saturday, July 5, 2008


How can I explain geocaching without getting crazy looks? Geocaching is a "sport" of finding hidden treasure hidden by using your GPS system. Jeff & I have been doing it for 4 years ever since my parents gave us a hand-held GPS. At first we thought it was just a new fad, but slowly people would 'get it'. However, still to this day, when we tell people, they just think we are weirdos. And I guess it's true. Rather than enjoying a nice dinner & movie, Jeff & I trek through forests, weeds, mosquitos and sometimes scary places just to rack up our finds. The thrill of finding treasure is so fun. At first, we would walk in circles and get so frustrated. Now, we both balance each other out and have the instinct of where to look. Today we found 7 geocaches. I think that's been the most we've ever found in one day. Here's some other fun facts about our hobby...

~Our farthest find was in Wisconsin back in 2006.

~We've also hidden three caches of our own. Our most popular cache has been found by 130 people! That's 130 people who think it's just as cool as we do.

Hopefully by summer's end, we'll rack up a few more finds, as well as great stories!

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