Thursday, October 2, 2008

More funnies

I was talking to Liddy and this is what came out of her mouth... "I'm a big girl and Heidi is a baby girl. Actually we can't call her that because she's a PDO kid. "

PDO are the Parents Day Out kids that go to her school. I'm guessing their teacher told them they can't call them babies? And Heidi does not go there, so even more the funnier.


We were getting out of the car and someone had thrown a dirty diaper in the parking lot. Liddy make a point to notice it. I took the opportunity to tell her that it is called littering when people don't throw their trash away. So, lately we've been seeing alot dead squirrels on the road. Liddy must have been thinking about it and tells me "dead squirrels are litter".

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