Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still so aggitated by this!

Today while working at the church food pantry, I was in the store room with another lady, probably 60ish years old. She was very cold to me (another volunteer) and even worse to the clients. These people don't want to come here, but they need too. They are given a limit to how many items they can take. Our coordinator said not to count through their basket, but rather just keep an eye or glance to make sure it looks right. For example, people can get 30 items. Well, this old lady was so stiff and ensuring to count everyone's items. It was so sad to watch her police people so that they didn't take anymore than she should. She kind of snapped at me when I didn't count through someone's basket. When I told her what I was told, she implied that they must have changed the policies and not told her. Next, we had a woman picking up one men's and one woman's body wash. We were out of bar soap. The volunteer ran over and told her she had to pick one. Then the client said 'well, surely my husband won't use a woman's soap, what's he supposed to use?" And she says "just plain soap and water". But the problem is she doesn't have idiot! I am still upset about this 4 hours later. I hope I never work with her again!

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