Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Gazillion Kids...

On Halloween I hosted a playgroup party at our house. I'm still recooperating (kind of... ha ha). There were tons of kids and it wiped out all my energy but was so fun at the same time. I made bread stick fingers, hot dog bugs (basically a pig in a blanket), Halloween popcorn crunch, boo cups and sugar cookies to decorate (and no pictures, but believe me it was cool!). Everyone had on costumes at the beginning, but I didn't get any pics of it. But, here's some to sum up our day.

Super Hero Table

Princess Table

There are 5 kids in this little pop-up house
(the last one is behind the racecar driver....look for her arm).
So, we lifted up the roof and and this is what we saw.

This is just a funny picture. Marnie (left) looks exhausted,
and Jen, our MOMS Club President, is on the right in the fireman's hat.
Yep, we are bunch of loopy moms. HA!

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