Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Frances, our foster cat

This is Frances, our foster cat...

Frances has a little problem with allergies. She is allergic to everything! She has to have organic paper litter because she's allergic to regular cat litter. She can't have any blankets or towels because she's allergic to detergent, therefore she sleeps in a cardboard box. She had a biopsy on the back of her neck and throat to try to determine what is going on with her immune system. Thus, we are left with poor little Frances...aka "Lamp Shade". I have to give her pills in the morning which was a learning experience. It actually went quite well. I have to remember it's for her to get better.

She loves, and I mean, loves being petted. She wants you to pet/scratch every inch of her body. It's quite pathetic. I've never seen a cat so active and rolling over every inch of my lap trying to get petted. And for pity sake I take her head cone off to give her some relief. But, once she gets scratching, it's crazy. I honestly thought the shelter staff was crazy when they told me about her allergies, but it's true! Poor thing. I think she even gets a little red from rolling all over my clothes. Oh, what to do...? I'll just give her love and help her recover from her surgery.

Oh, and yes, I realize Frances is a funny name for a cat. She was already named. I actually think it fits her quite well considering how fragile she is. However, Liddy has decided that Frances is too hard to remember, therefore, she has renamed her Daisy.

"Can you itch behind my ears?"

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Anonymous said...

Poor Francis/Daisy,

That is so nice of you to foster such a special needs cat. Hope you all do well together. Give her a scratch behind the ears for me! (and throw a Zyrtec her way too! Poor scratchy thing.