Monday, January 4, 2010

My 30th Surprise!

I can not believe Jeff pulled it off. I am the biggest snoop of all time. I busted his plans for him to take me to NYC this upcoming weekend because I saw one of his emails. I thought after that, I had figured out the big 30th surprise.

So, last weekend my friend wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. Luckily I dressed up (I was debating not too) and we went to eat. She said we really had to see this band at 8:30 at some bar. It was so unlike her, but I agreed to go. We walk into the bar and I see my friend. I said, "Hey...I see you everywhere!" and then I look behind her and all my friends and family were there! I was in shock. I still can't believe it.

BTW, to avoid me snooping again, Jeff created a new email "secret30surprise@gmail" or something like that. How funny is that?! He also had my future BIL, a graphic artist, make a poster/image with me & Edward together. Its hilarious!

I'm still in shock. I can't believe that Jeff had to actually find all my friends and talk to them behind my back. And I'm so humbled that they did it for ME!

Here are the guilty conspirators...(and yes, Emily is doing her "scary guilty hands")

....I'll add photos to our family website once they get downloaded.

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