Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend in NYC

We took our chances with the FREEZING weather and went on a 3-day getaway to NYC this past weekend. Here's some highlights of our trip to the Big Apple!

We toured the NBC Studio! Contrary to some reviews, we enjoyed it. I wish I could have taken actual photos, but cameras weren't allowed. We did see the SNL set, Dr. Oz studio and Brian Williams' Nightly News studio. We also saw a celebrity.....drum roll.....Chuck (from tv show, Chuck). I actually don't know his real name, nor do we watch the show, but he was having an autograph session at the studios. Still, pretty cool! Here I am with Deal or No Deal ladies at the NBC entrance:

We also went to the Top of the Rockafeller Center:

And we had dinner with Jennifer & Abel. Our favorite restaurant was on Saturday night at Rosa Mexicano which was fabulous! And afterwards we went for some sinful cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery. She knows all the secrets to finding good food!

And of course, my birthday wouldn't be complete without shopping! We spent a lot of time at the Macy's and boutique shopping in East Village & Soho. I liked Soho most, but we ran out of time. It'll be on my list for next time....along with more cupcakes!

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