Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grocery Saving

I've been scaling back our grocery budget this year. I have to brag about how 1) easy and 2) fun it is to find deals. Since I've started, I've averaged 45% savings on my grocery trips. That is huge!  Here's some of my tips:

1. Buy the Sunday paper and save every single coupon. Even if you think its something you might not buy, it could align itself in a great sale and end up free or close to it. Plus, you could always donate it to a food pantry.  I'm still learning how to sort my coupons, but for now I'm using a binder with "baseball card style" clear slots for my coupons.  I'm always looking for easier ways to organize them.

2. Join The Grocery Game. I had been trying to watch for sales that I could combine with my coupons, then I realized that the website will do it for me for any store(s) I want. Plus, its the first 4 weeks for free. If you join, please use my name as a referral. It would be under  Thank you!

3. Look up your favorite products online and join their mailing list. As much as I hate giving my email out, it most usually results in promotions and coupons. Examples for me include Beechnut baby food, Gerber, Pampers, etc.

4. Get a shopper card for every grocery store. I just found out Meijer Perks that is a virtual card via your cell phone number.  Also, Kroger cards offers gas discounts (I just got $.40 off a gallon!) and additional coupons in the mail.

5. Follow these wonderful blogs for information on free samples, coupons, Facebook offers, store sales and more. 

I have to admit I feel so empowered to be aware of what I'm spending. Its such a rewarding feeling! The best part is that its making an impression on Alydia. Last weekend she helped me shop with my list and coupons. On the way home she was pondering and says "Mom, do some people just buy stuff and not pay attention to how much it costs?" Oh, my little sponge...I love her!

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