Friday, February 4, 2011

Trash to Treasure

I'm not sure when we got this table, but I recall it being one of the first pieces of furniture when we got married. This was a big deal because it didn't require assembly. Over the years, kids colored, cut and spilled things all over it. And it looked like this....

It sat in the basement for awhile awaiting its ride to Goodwill. That was until I saw my friend's repainted table at her house. Wow, it was beautiful! I wish I had a picture to brag about her work! When she told me she did it all, I was determined to try myself.  If  you know me, I am not a detail-oriented craft person. I don't have patience.  That's where this comes in handy...

Canned magic
Spray on for 15 minutes and scrape off the varnish with a flat tool. It was quite really therapeutic. Or maybe it was because I was hiding in the basement, alone, watching Inside Edition. 

A day later I was able to paint it, and it was complete. I have yet to distress it a bit more on the edges and put the protective coat on...that'll require another day.

Painted with "Eddie Bauer Cabin Red"