Thursday, January 19, 2012

85 Counties to go...

A few of my wishes this year is to visit more local places. As a tourism major, I should remind myself that there's "more than corn in Indiana".  We've had some great memories stumbling across geocaches in unique places.

So with that said, I had an ambitious goal to visit each of the 92 counties in Indiana - AND find a geocache in each one! So, with that said, we have 85 counties to go. I'm looking forward to what we see and learn. And, I'm hoping, that we find out that Indiana really does have a lot to offer.

I'd love some input on fun places, cities, landmarks to help guide us. Contrary to high school, I love historic sites and little unknown places.  That's the beauty of geocaching is discovering new places! 
I've started with a few ideas -

West Baden Springs/French Lick

Shipshewana and Amish Country

George Rogers Clark National Museum (Vincennes)

Angel Mounds (Evansville)

Indiana Dunes

Indiana University, Ball State, Notre Dame, Indiana State

State Parks

And after I started manually entering my statistics, I found that allows me to see a map of my finds automatically. I love visuals!

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