Monday, January 9, 2012

Casino Bunco

I am the host that will find one thing and base an entire party off of it. It started in Vegas when I found these mardi gras dice necklaces...

And when I think of dice....I think of my bunco group! 

Fast forward to January - my month to host - and Casino Bunco came alive! I had so much fun putting together some fun decorations for my "full house" of friends!

You can "bet" that the little ones were
desperate to get their hands on those chocolates!
And, yes, those are Stud playing cards!

I covered the tables in green felt and decorated with poker chips & gold coins.

Our bunco score cards, made my friend and fellow bunco junkie, Sarah!
Put my new wine tabs to good use too!

Dice, hearts & spades sugar cookies

We are a bunch of gambling women, ya know! 

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