Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sound of Music (Stop #4)

Guided by a geocache (as always), we found this gem of a place in Ferdinand, Indiana. Also referred to as the "castle on the hill", it is home to Monastery Immaculate Conception. While my mind was humming 'the hills are alive with the sound of music....', I was disappointed that we did not meet any nuns. One, however, was working in the gift shop with no habit or gown. I guess they might be slightly more modern.

It seems that the silver crosses in the cemetery
are those representing deceased nuns.
I could not find any information to verify it,
 but the names appeared to be.

Entering the chapel from the exterior spiral stairwell

The girls testing mom's nerves

Inside the church...
I read, afterwards, that their were over 70 angels
spread around inside the chapel. I wish I would have known to look!

The view from the monastery to Ferdinand Church

Heidi's appropriate memento from the gift shop

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