Saturday, June 9, 2012

West Baden Springs Hotel (Stop #3)

Along our trip South, we drove through West Baden & French Lick, Indiana. We stopped to visit the West Baden Spring Hotel. With the city known for its mineral springs, the area has attracted tourists for over 200 years!

Grand entrance with brick drive


After the original structure burnt down in 1901, the owner rebuilt it
more impressive than the previous building
 to compete with neighboring resort hotel in French Lick.
The new structure included (at the time) the world's largest dome roof.

Domed skylights seen from the lobby
In addition to the complex history of this building,
 it served as a seminary for 30 years until 1964 when it closed to low enrollment.

Stained glass was added by the Jesuits when they used the atrium as a chapel.
Seventy-five years after closing as a resort,
West Baden Springs was renovated & reopened in 2007.
You can see the hotel rooms overlooking the lobby
(behind that handsome toddler).

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