Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wine at the Line 5K....or 5 Mile

After I starting to doing 5K's last year, I have really enjoyed the different places & race themes I've experienced. My first 5K ever was the Warrior Dash, so everything afterwards seemed pretty tame. I've ran at night in a costume, ran through mud, ran through my town, and been sprayed with a rainbow palate of colors. I figured there wasn't much else that could be done until I found Wine at the Line. This race begins and ends at a winery with a complimentary wine glass & sample (which, by the way, is kind of gross after running....). Jeff & I decided it'd be a great date to do together.  Let's preface by saying that neither of us are serious runners, but figured it would be a good hobby for us to get into together. 

And although we signed up for the 5K portion, we accidentally ran the 5 mile route. Bad signage at the start.... But, I'm not complaining because the feeling of accomplishing a 5 mile run is exhilarating.  We were so surprised & proud of ourselves! I'd never ran 5 miles straight, ever!

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