Friday, July 11, 2008

Garage sales & curbside service

Today after playgroup I made a last minute decision that we'd hit up a few garage sales. I had cash in my wallet (a rare occurance) and no plans for the day. So I must brag about my finds...

Sandra Boyton book/CD - the only one in the series we didn't have yet - $1
Tennis rackets 3 for $.75 - I'm sure they're worth under a dollar in backyard entertainment

And then, I hit my favorite house....
A treadmill $20! I told Jeff that my father-in-law & I could start a garage sale fitness equipment collectors club since he loves his stationary bike. LOL! I'm so excited about this because I can walk/jog while the girls are sleeping or watching tv, rather than whining in the stroller. Yay!!

And then to finish up the day, I got a baby hiking backpack. I've always thought it would be fun to have since I'm a big fan of baby wearing. It was marked for $10, so how could I turn it down? It was the best deal! Here's what it looks like:

And now one more funny story that happened today. Half way through my expedition, Heidi fell asleep in the car. I decided to just leave the girls in the car as I ran up to the garage (yes, the car was ON and A/C was running). This is where I saw the backpack from the street. I left Liddy's window open so she could talk to me. I'm asking the lady about the item when Liddy yells out "Just get the backpack already!". LOL!!! So, I say "Do you want to come out here with me?"...which got no response. The mom asks if Liddy wants a popsicle. So, one of her kids runs up the window and offers Liddy an array of colors. Liddy sticks her hand out the window and picks green. Then another girl runs up to her window with scissors. Liddy holds the popsicle out and the girl cuts it. It was so funny. It was like Liddy the Garage Sale Princess gets curbside service.

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